Women’s Air Race Classic 2017

June 24, 2017

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Embry Riddle Aeronautical University announced that female pilots are once again competing in the historic 2017 Women’s Air Race Classic after sweeping the top spot in the collegiate division and besting 50 teams as the number one squad for the first time in school history last year. 

Three teams made up of two female student pilots and flight instructors each will represent Embry Riddle’s campuses in Daytona Beach Floria and Prescott Arizona, the release stated. 

The release mentioned the crew will make the more than 2,600 mile trip across the United States along with nearly 100 other women pilots in a race that traces back to Amelia Airhart. 

The two pilots currently representing Prescott are Hannah Burright and Rachel Hutzell who are joined by Becca Dooling and Jenn Lowe, according to the release. 

The Women’s Air Classic, started on June 20th in Frederick Maryland and will concluded June 23 in Santa Fe New Mexico.

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