Justification of Lethal Force - The Prescott Gun Club, July 2017

July 10, 2017

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In todays’ segment of the Prescott Gun Club, we are sitting down with Don Grier, Attorney, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Owner of Prescott’s only indoor tactical firearms range to discuss self defense and justification of lethal force.

Legal Topics covered include:

  • Title 13
  • Three elements of justification:
    • Reasonable person standard
    • Immediate & Necessary
    • Unlawful & deadly force being used against you
  • Brandishing
  • Stand Your Ground Provision - In AZ you don’t have to retreat
  • The Castle Doctrine
  • Specific Crimes you have justification, including:
    • arson;
    • kidnapping;
    • murder;
    • sexual conduct with minor, more..
  • AZ Revised Statutes
  • Campus Carry in AZ?
  • The NRA Carry Guard - a great insurance policy many may not know about

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