$5,448,757 in Scholarships for Bradshaw Mountain Grads

May 25, 2017

Seventy-seven graduates from the class of 2017 at Bradshaw Mountain High School accumulated over five-million dollars in scholarship aid.

Local businesses, organizations as well as private and public universities across Arizona were just a few of the nearly two-hundred scholarships awarded to Bradshaw Mountain graduates during a celebration in front of fellow students, staff, family and friends at Glassford Hill Middle School on Tuesday night.

Scholarship amounts varied anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to some which exceeded fifty-thousand dollars. 

When Principal Kort Miner first arrived at Bradshaw Mountain High School eight years ago, the school did not break a million dollars in scholarship aid. Over the last five years, Bradshaw Mountain High School graduates have compiled at least five-million dollars in scholarships each year, which Miner contributes to teachers and counselors at the school. 

The Class of 2017 will graduate from Bradshaw Mountain High School at the Prescott Valley Event Center on Thursday.

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