Nevada’s WEED Emergency Declared

July 11, 2017

The Weedly Report - July 11, 2017

Nevada Governor Declares State of Emergency as Recreational Marijuana Outlets Run Low

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No, this breaking news story wasn’t written by Spicoli, or sponsored by Cheech and Chong. In fact, check Snopes, its real alright. And, its a glimpse into your state’s future as the markets and consumers scream loudly for more recreational weed.

Nevada’s Governor declared a state of emergency on Friday, July 07, 2017 as the state’s marijuana dispensaries began to run out of weed only about two weeks after recreational marijuana became legal in the state known for it’s gambling strips. That’s right, the high rollers of Nevada can now be considered high rollers.  The Governor’s declaration will allow the state legislature to make moves to help alleviate the shortage of marijuana - in other words, “pass the Dutchie from the left hand side”. (If you’re a newbie to all this, here you go: .

It is reported Nevada’s Department of Taxation has stated that many of the state’s recreational dispensaries may run out of weed supply within days if the supply is not improved. Nevada’s concern is that business owners across the state have geared up for the new weed boom, training new employees and investing in infrastructure. If the supply is not increased, state leaders are worried the new weed windfall and all the jobs that have come with it, will come to a grinding halt.

According to, Nevada has marijuana dispensaries in Carson City, Incline Village, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite, Pahrump, and Reno / Sparks. It is unclear in this directory how many of them are medicinal dispensaries and how many also hold a recreational licenses.  Also according to, for those holding a medical marijuana license (even from out of state) possession up to 2.5 oz of cannabis is legal. For those dispensaries holding a recreational license, they may sell weed to those individuals in possession of a valid government issued I.D. who are 21 years or older.  Nevada maintains reciprocity with other medical marijuana states, meaning your medical card from out-of-state is valid at any Nevada dispensary.

More time will have to pass before we can weed out what will bring in more money for the gambling capital of the U.S.: Slot machines, ganja or pizza delivery? We will see. For now, “Pass the dutchie from the left hand side”.

AZ Fire Update July 10 2017

July 10, 2017

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According to the Arizona Incident Information system, there are 24 active wildfires in our state, totaling more than 247,000 acres.

This includes the recent Brooklyn Fire which started July 7th - 6 miles north-northeast of Black Canyon City. The Brooklyn fire was Caused by Lightning and is currently 35,000 Acres and 0% Contained.

There will be a community meeting tonight July 10, 2017 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be at the Canon Elementary School in Black Canyon. Fire managers and officials will be on hand to brief the public on the Brooklyn Fire and answer questions.

The lightning caused fires that started on July 7 were highly impacted by strong, gusty and erratic winds from passing thunderstorms. The strong winds caused incident aircraft to be temporarily grounded and pushed the fire south and east. The Bull and Cedar Fires are located southeast of the Brooklyn Fire in remote areas of the Tonto National Forest with difficult access. These two fires are not threatening any structures and are being patrolled by firefighters. 

Thunderstorm build up and outflow winds are the main concerns for operations today. Firefighters are working to keep the Brooklyn Fire east of the Agua Fria River and south of highway 269 and north of Black Canyon City. They will also be evaluating values at risk in the area and assessing structure protection needs. Resources are available for response to any new starts in the area. 

There are currently no evacuations or closures to Interstate 17. A closure order is in effect for Agua Fria National Monument as well as road closures at the junction of Forest Road 24 and 41, Bloody Basin Road east of Interstate 17, Table Mesa Road east of Interstate 17, and the junction of Forest Service Road 68 and 677.Remember Drones are not allowed in the area of wildfires. If you fly we can’t.

According to the Incident Information system, there are NO evacuations in place at this time. 

Road Closures include:

Bloody Basin Road closed at I-17 eastbound.

Badger Springs Road is closed at I-17 

Wildfires are a NO DRONE ZONE.

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Justification of Lethal Force - The Prescott Gun Club, July 2017

July 10, 2017

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In todays’ segment of the Prescott Gun Club, we are sitting down with Don Grier, Attorney, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Owner of Prescott’s only indoor tactical firearms range to discuss self defense and justification of lethal force.

Legal Topics covered include:

  • Title 13
  • Three elements of justification:
    • Reasonable person standard
    • Immediate & Necessary
    • Unlawful & deadly force being used against you
  • Brandishing
  • Stand Your Ground Provision - In AZ you don’t have to retreat
  • The Castle Doctrine
  • Specific Crimes you have justification, including:
    • arson;
    • kidnapping;
    • murder;
    • sexual conduct with minor, more..
  • AZ Revised Statutes
  • Campus Carry in AZ?
  • The NRA Carry Guard - a great insurance policy many may not know about

Best of Prescott Valley July 2017

July 7, 2017

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In this podcast segment "The Best of Prescott Valley", we are sitting down with Marnie Uhl, CEO of the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce. Marnie shares with us:

  • Success of PV's 4th of July at Mountain Valley Park;
  • The Upcoming Fair Wages and Healthy Families conference at the Prescott Resort on July 13th, 9am - this is a great opportunity of business owners who have not re-written their employee paperwork as it relates to the law that went into effect July 01, 2017;
  • Appreciation of our firefighters both on the ground and in the air;
  • PV Chamber's annual banquest & community excellence award taking place July 14, 2017.

Aerial Firefighting, Airport Master Plan, Wings out West - Fly Prescott Update

July 6, 2017

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In this podcast segment, "Fly Prescott", we sit down with John Cox, Prescott Airport Manager, and Jessie Baker, Asst Mgr., and discuss the following:

> Air operations during the Goodwin fire.

> Prescott Airport Master Plan

> The Arizona Airports Association Conference that took place in Prescott in May, 20217.

> The Wings out West - Prescott Airport Fly-In taking place October 07, 2017

Rafter Eleven, Prescott Valley’s Newest Tasting Experience

July 6, 2017

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In this segement of Ranchland Radio, we sit down with Dawn Wasowicz, co-owner of Rafter Eleven, Prescott Valley's newest tasting experience, offering local coffees, teas, spices, world reknown olive oils, basalmic vinegars and more.

ERAU Women Pilots Sweep 2017 Air Race Classic

July 1, 2017

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University women pilots sweep the 2017 Women's Air Race Classic (ARC).

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Women’s Air Race Classic 2017

June 24, 2017

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Embry Riddle Aeronautical University announced that female pilots are once again competing in the historic 2017 Women’s Air Race Classic after sweeping the top spot in the collegiate division and besting 50 teams as the number one squad for the first time in school history last year. 

Three teams made up of two female student pilots and flight instructors each will represent Embry Riddle’s campuses in Daytona Beach Floria and Prescott Arizona, the release stated. 

The release mentioned the crew will make the more than 2,600 mile trip across the United States along with nearly 100 other women pilots in a race that traces back to Amelia Airhart. 

The two pilots currently representing Prescott are Hannah Burright and Rachel Hutzell who are joined by Becca Dooling and Jenn Lowe, according to the release. 

The Women’s Air Classic, started on June 20th in Frederick Maryland and will concluded June 23 in Santa Fe New Mexico.

High Approvals during Prescott Film Festival

June 20, 2017

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The eighth annual Prescott Film Festival just concluded and Founder Helen Stephenson said during a phone interview the 2017 festival was the highest approval for films ever received from the audience.

Due to the quality standard of each movie shown, it was a hard decision for the Prescott Film Festival jury and audience members to choose a best of show for various categories.

Lost In Paris ended up being the jury pick for best narrative short while The Fake was honored by the audience.

The best documentary feature in the minds of the jury belonged to Prison Dogs while Tyrus won the audience choice.

Meanwhile, the jury tabbed The Cellist for the best documentary short with Ace and The Desert Dog being picked by the audience.

Finally, Burn Your Maps was a unanimous favorite-winning best narrative feature for both the jury and the audience.

The ninth annual Prescott Film Festival date is already confirmed as the events will take place from June 8th-16th, 2018. 

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Seven Fires Statewide, Fire Restrictions Yavapai County

June 19, 2017

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It’s wildfire season across Arizona and despite the wet winter weather in the high country, Arizona Game and Fish Department reported seven wildfires have already broken out.

As such, the department announced stage fire restrictions in various Yavapai County areas will continue until rescinded.

The release stated stage one fire restrictions place prohibitions on campfires and smoking outside of designated areas. In addition, it was stated fireworks are always prohibited on all national forest lands. 

According to, all but seven areas are on stage one fire restriction including Prescott, Coconino and Tonto national forests along with state lands in Yavapai County. 

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